Greenwood Massage and Wellness

Massage Therapy

Greenwood Massage and Wellness is owned and operated by Matthew Bridges, one of Indy's leading massage therapists.  We offer a wonderful massage experience, catered to each client's individual needs. Whether you're looking for relaxation, stress relief, or pain management, Greenwood Massage and Wellness is right for you.


Swedish massage is the most common type of massage. It is a perfect massage for the first timer or those just wanting to relax. It is generally a full body massage that promotes not only relaxation but it also relieves muscle tension, reduces stress, and improves circulation. 

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is much like Swedish massage, only the pressure may vary and be more intense. Its aim is more therapeutic in nature and is better for those with chronic muscle tension. Deep tissue work focuses on specific problem areas such as muscle adhesions and scar tissue build up. You may see the best results from multiple sessions, as one visit does not always "fix" the problem. It is also important, as with all other massage modalities, to drink plenty of water after your session to keep the muscles hydrated and flush out waste products. 

Trigger Point Release

Trigger points are "knots" that develop in the muscle tissue when the muscle is stressed, overworked, or injured. They are localized areas that can be sensitive when pressure is applied. When compressed these trigger points can sometimes be felt in other areas. This is known as referred pain. Trigger point release can help restore motion to the muscles and joints and is a great way to relieve muscle tension.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release focuses on loosening and stretching the fascia which is a connective tissue that provides support and protects many structures in the body. This tissue can become adhered and cause pain and reduced range of motion. 


Prenatal massage is designed to give pregnant women the same benefits as a regular massage. It helps to adjust to the many changes that occur in the body during pregnancy. These changes can sometimes cause discomfort and pain. Prenatal massage is often done in a side-lying position to assure the safety of the mother and child.